Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wizard of Oz kind of weather

My mom and I were leaving for piano lessons and she thought the sky looked really cool so she took this picture of me.  I love it, I think it looks like the Wizard of Oz a twister, a twister, Aunty Em, Aunty Em!

By Molly

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Despicable Me and Mike Wazowski pumpkins

My mom and I painted pumpkins today and we had a fun time.  We got the ideas from Pinterest and so we had a lot of fun going to pick out the pumpkins and painting them up for our front porch.  Here is what they look like with me.  I love them!  Happy Holidays Halloween & Thanksgiving!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY American girl doll house fun & creative ideas

My mom and I made this house together with walls and a metal shelf for my American girl dolls.  If you want to see more information go see the video I made.  ♥Molly

Thursday, July 18, 2013

American girl doll house wall

We used an old metal shelfing unit to make an American girl doll house for my dolls.  It cost nothing because my great grandma got rid of it but you can purchase them for around $30 at Walmart or Target.  She did a video and it will be up on my mom's youtube channel sometime next week so check back for more details on that but for the wall inside the house here are the materials you will need:

Posterboard 36" x 18"
Scrapbook paper
Miniature photo frame
Wood veneer boxes from Michaels
Old magazines
Hot glue
Some flowers for frame
Old button

Step 1.  Cover the posterboard to look like a wall.  We used scrapbook paper for the bottom and ribbon in the middle to look like a chair railing., then the same ribbon at the top to look like trim. 

Step 2.  We made the door out of cardboard to add thickness.  We covered it in scrapbook paper, cut rectangles out of matching paper as the wall and made door accents.  The door looks similar to our own house front door.  The half circle on top was cut in a background paper of black, then we cut the image out of a magazine to look like the sky, those pieces were cut into 6 equal parts to look as though the window had trims around each window.  Then we added the button to look like a doorknob.  Adhere door to posterboard.

Step 3.   The miniature frame we cut a picture of the Eiffel tower out of it and glued it to the frame then I covered the top in flowers for a pretty accent and I covered the Eiffel tower image in glossy accents to look like real glass.  Adhere to posterboard with hot glue

Step 4.  The wood veneer boxes had wood veneers in for scrapbooking, I took them out and put them in a different storage case.  We painted the boxes black and then we found images from a magazine to look like a skyline view and we cut little strips of papers into squares that we could adhere into the box to look like the image of a window super fun!  Then we adhered that all to the posterboard. 

VOILA!  Add to doll house and you are done super cute and super fun!  

Thanks for coming to see my really cool dollhouse wall!  ♥Molly

Friday, June 21, 2013

Yay I'm back with LaLa Land!!!

I made a card for the LaLa Land challenge over on my mom's facebook account.  It's a private facebook group but anyone can join and every so often they have challenges that now I am able to enter.  I am so excited about that.  Here is my card:

I used:
LaLaLand artsy Marci
brown cardstock base
black mat
Stampin Up pastels to color her, plus a few bic markers and a couple crayons
pop dots
Scissors for cutting her out

From Molly♥

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My teachers present "Mint" to be my teacher

I loved my teacher this year and my mom and I put together a gift basket we called you were "Mint" to be my teacher with all things minty.  She loved the junior mints the most and ate them all that day.  From Molly ♥

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Day box & card La La Land

This is my Valentines Day project box I made for school.  I used an old sneaker box covered the top in duct tape, covered the bottom in patterened paper, then added a ribbon and my mom made a bow on the top.  I made newspaper flowers and my mom sprayed them for me with Lindy s stamps gang spray and then put chipboard on the box saying Molly's Box.  I added the flower and my mom cut a hole in the box for valentines.  Super and fun cute I love it!

My next project is a Thank you Valentines Day card for a girl I did a swap with and it has a Lala Land image on it with a rosette flower from my moms designer company Mbtreasureista and a center and then ribbon and bow. I will be entering this in the challenge over on the kids blog.

Thanks for coming to see me here.  ~Molly ♥